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Lodge Manufacturing- South Pittsburg, TN

Lodge Manufacturing, located in South Pittsburg, TN, is a 200,000 square feet tilt up building. Lodge consisted of 140,000 square feet of Fmin 75 super flat floor slab, 60,000 square feet of 7 1/2 pounds of forta ferro fiber slab with extended joints to column lines only. Also, Lodge included 80,000 square feet of exterior paving. Contact Us to get started on your […]

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MHC Kenworth project by Eldridge Concrete

MHC Kenworth – Kingsport, TN & Gainesville, GA

The MHC Kenworth Project in Kingsport, Tennessee and Gainesville, Georgia included two 30,000 square feet tilt wall building and 200,000 square feet of concrete paving on each job.   Contact Us to get started on your project.

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