Eldridge Concrete Construction is proud to be a 2015 Golden Trowel Award Winner

The Keith Corporation
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Keith Corporation Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture

Fort Mill, SC | 164,000 SF

As the largest furniture manufacturer in the world, Ashley Furniture’s newest distribution warehouse required a specialized team who understood the complexities in providing a flat and level concrete floor. This Ultraflat floor slab gives a perfect working surface for equipment, creating the safest environment for forklifts to place and retrieve product within the warehouse. Because of the concrete floor, Ashley Furniture can retrieve and deliver their product more efficiently to nearby retail locations.

Ashley Furniture BuildingNow in their third decade, Face Construction Technologies’ Golden Trowel Awards recognize the flattest and most level floor slabs placed on the globe. The mounted 24K gold-plated Marshalltown hand trowel award is regarded as one of the most prestigious honors in the concrete flooring industry. In conjunction with Eldridge Concrete Construction, the team produced the 2nd highest scores ever recorded by The Face Company for narrow aisle paving of this size.

Ashley Furniture’s concrete floor slab is 237% flatter and more level than the average warehouse floor.

Ashley Furniture Warehouse

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